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      1. operation

        Committed To Quality To be the best at what we do, and to remain the leader in our field, our factory has standards of efficiency, from manpower and machine productivity to materials and costs.
        In fact, we have a specific manufacturing efficiency team consisting of plant experts and graduates that analyses the manpower and machine efficiency of entire factories, identifying opportunities for improvement, sharing methodology and monitoring implementation.
        Committed to efficieney
        --smart working
        Minimising cost. Maximising efficiency.
        We're revolutionising both where we work and the way we work. For all our employees. Across all our offices. Why? Enhancing the working environment and streamlining processes increases efficiency and lowers costs resulting in a more sustainable business model.
        How will we achieve this? Our HG initiative started with a revamp of our Group Headquarters, providing a more logical workspace designed around collaboration and the responsible use of resources. Next, we're tackling our working culture, rethinking flexible working for employees and aiming to move all our processes over to a digital system.


        • Incoming Material Inspection
        • Metallization
        • Film inspection
        • Rooling
        • Pre-healing
        • Metal spraying
        • Weld & Assembly
        • 100 % final inspection
        • Testing as per customer requirements
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